Funny Wedding Party Introduction

By , February 21, 2012 12:08 am

Dream Reception Video clip Rating: three / five

15 Responses to “Funny Wedding Party Introduction”

  1. PirslinProperties says:

    This was very creative. Thank you for sharing this. May the happy couple always be surrounded in love. HooRaw!

  2. LYoung116 says:

    Very nice Bose, and good job with the intros.

  3. BigMike76705 says:

    Nicely done! The intro was only long because the entrance walk was long. It was creative. It was different and it was memorable. That’s what counts.

  4. DJFrederickHart says:

    Good show, Jimmie!

  5. ve3nsv says:

    Did you research all the songs and movie snippets or did the couple do it themselves?

    Either it was great and set the tone for a great evening.

  6. RA7 says:

    We give the story before the names to build suspense. 6 min intros are not long at all, it’s exactly what the client wants. Do you use VDJ?

  7. prettyghie25 says:

    grat job but i guess too long introduction

  8. DaytonOHmcdj says:

    The whole idea behind the expanded intros is to share with everybody WHO these people are. The bride and groom have picked these people out for a significant reason (bro, sis, cousin, long time friend) so why JUST say their names? THAT would be boring…and quite frankly, what DJs have been doing for years.

    An expanded entrance sets the tone for the evening and conveys that this will NOT be a boring night!

    Great job Jimmie! I’m right with ya. I do the same fun, energetic and exciting intros.

  9. jasonstuartgan says:

    I have to disagree with SingJiya on everything except the speakers. Just introducing them by names would have been fine, but the extra effort put into these funny introductions amused the crowd and probably did a lot to make the party extra memorable. This was great!

  10. mrjimmiemalone says:

    Great feedback! You’re absolutely right, if I had bigger speakers the introductions would have been much better.  Thank you for the help!

  11. SingJiya says:

    I felt your intro were to long and boring your speakers are very small.

    To much before work before a gig, who wants to do all that prep, just intro by names and get the party started thats what people want, they dont want to hear all that junk!

  12. onstagedjkj says:

    Very nice introduction! Getting some info on the wedding party and using it to help loosen the crowd is definitely what sets you apart from most DJ’s.

  13. mbentdjs says:

    Niiiiice!!! Like to see Dj’s using their creativity!! Randy Bartlett & Peter Merry Rule!!! Enjoyed it thoroughly. Just a suggestion to have a 2nd person handling all the DJ and Music cues, it will help alot with the flow.

  14. mrjimmiemalone says:

    Thanks. The song is Nitty – Nasty Girl

  15. boxershortz says:

    nice job with the introductions

    whats the 2nd song called jst as the first couple walks in?